News From Aldersgate


The Good Faith Network of Johnson County is an interfaith justice organization with a mission to address systemic problems that plague our community. 30 congregations support the GFN and its mission to advocate on behalf of the residents who lack affordable housing in our communities; the absence of a mental health Crisis Stabilization Center for Johnson County; and the growing number of people facing homelessness.  The GFN held its year-end celebration on Sunday afternoon at the Johnson County Islamic Center. The culmination of the event was presenting awards for the individuals and churches who have been instrumental in the network’s activity during the past year. Recognitions included:

    * Our own Dee Ann Heptas served as Co-Chair of the Network’s Affordable Housing Committee.  

    * Aldersgate UMC received a “Growth Spurt Award” because we had a 27% increase in the number of our people who attended the annual Nehemiah Assembly.  

    * John Hall was a “Good Networker at All Times (GNAT) Award” recipient. The acronym was chosen because gnats were the first plague that Pharoah’s magicians could not replicate.

    * John Hall was also recognized as a “Social Butterfly” because he brought at least 10 people to this year’s Nehemiah Event.  

How can you help? The GFN needs individuals – as well as congregations – to invest their time and their financial resources in working for justice. To become involved with our congregation, please contact the church office. For more information, go to